• Acoustic Archaeologist

    Boasting a career spanning over two and a half decades in music and sound design, I bring a unique perspective to my role as an acoustic archaeologist. My journey takes me to the sacred precincts of Angkor Wat and its surrounding temples, where I seek to uncover the auditory secrets of these architectural masterpieces. My research is driven by the hypothesis that these majestic temples of Cambodia, once resounding with the divine vibration of 'OM', might still harbor remnants of their original acoustic landscape. Granted official access to explore the sonic mysteries of Angkor Wat and its environs, I intertwine the disciplines of architecture, spirituality, and sound physics to unearth the aural heritage that once permeated these ancient spaces.


    The structural silence of Angkor Wat today belies its possible past as an elaborate acoustic resonator. This investigation goes beyond mere architectural analysis, delving into the ethereal realm of soundscapes that once imbued these sanctuaries with the sacred frequency of 'OM'. By examining the shift from Hindu to Buddhist traditions, I aim to illuminate the changes in acoustic properties and the potential erosion of sonic heritage that accompanied this religious transformation.