Musician and sound effects artist Paul Baraka has worked on many popular children's shows. Some of his most recent work includes the music and sound effects for "The Dreamcatchers!", "Tee Pee Time!", and " The Deerskins" and he created the iconic opening theme for Bob Morane.

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    The Dreamcatchers

    Dreamcatchers is an animated, action-adventure series about a group of indigenous tweens who use their ancestral superpowers to battle evil in the form of large corporations threatening their traditional way of life.
    (6-9 year olds).

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    Teepee Time

    TEEPEE TIME is a collection of baby steps that children make as they uncover the mysteries of the world that surrounds them, like learning to read, making new friends, riding a bicycle…or planting jellybeans. Teepee is a rambunctious little tipi with an insatiable curiosity. Teepee wants to know everything, like who keeps stuffing paper into the mailbox? How do you turn off the sun? Or what tastes better, a spider or an earthworm – yuck! Follow TeePee as he takes you on a warm-hearted journey into the magical world of discovery and learning.

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    A racy animated series about a native family that is forced off the reserve and into a working-class town where the predominantly white neighbours have some pretty strange notions of what native people are all about. One part Simpsons, two parts Jefferson’s, and a touch of Family Guy, The Deerskins is the perfect remedy to cure yourself of those reservation blues!

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    Louis Says

    Louis Says follows the adventures of 6-year-old boy Randy as he helps Louis, an elder, with his work around the community while learning new words in Cree.

    It is a half-hour animated children’s television series. Louis is an elder, whose mission in life is to help people in his community, but he is getting older and it’s getting harder for him to continue with his mission.

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    Stories of Our Elders

    STORY OF OUR ELDERS combines traditional Inuit puppet shadow storytelling with 2D animation to depict the oral history of Canada’s Inuit people. Recounted in Inuktitut, in the words of Inuit Elders, the series portrays the characters, myths and legends that are meaningful to Inuit people. Culturally rich and visually stunning, STORY OF OUR ELDERS appeals to both Inuit and non-Inuit alike.

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    Bizou and the Wonderful World of Animals is a lively, animated, preschool series that explores the wonderful world of animals as seen through the eyes of a cheerful little native princess named Bizou.
    Through traditional storytelling, sing-alongs, book readings, live-action animal footage, colourful illustrations and animation, children learn to appreciate the connection they have to each other and the animals that surrounds them.
    The light-hearted nature of the series, with its colourful characters, humorous tales and cheerful sing-alongs, will undoubtedly appeal to children of all ages.

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    Bob Morane

    The fantastical adventures of superspy Bob Morane based on the French adventure book series.

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    Paul Baraka

    Paul Baraka is an immensely talented and creative composer and musician who has made significant contributions to the worlds of sound design and visual art. He has been making waves in the music industry for over a decade winning many awards, and crafting innovative soundscapes that captivate listeners and defy conventions.


    Paul began his musical journey relatively late in life after an illness during his late teens. Since then, he has explored a wide range of musical styles from multiple cultures, including jazz, hip-hop, classical and even Tibetan. He is highly experienced in producing intricate compositions incorporating multiple instruments, as well as creating emotive soundscapes using field recordings or synths.


    Paul is passionate about preserving the cultural heritage of Indigenous people and has dedicated over 20 years to recording voice-overs for every production with JerryCo Animations in Canada.

    His work has helped to raise awareness and appreciation for the culture, traditions, language, songs, and stories of First Nations people in Canada. He believes that language is a key component of cultural preservation and ensures that his compositions reflect this idea by incorporating as much as possible traditional elements into each production.


    Paul’s music has been featured in numerous films, commercials, television shows, video games, and albums. His commitment to creating quality audio experiences is evident in all of his work. He continues to strive for excellence in every aspect of sound design from composition to post-production mixing and mastering.


    In addition to being an accomplished musician, Paul is also an experienced visual artist with solid marketing abilities and even got international recognition for his work.


    With no signs of slowing down anytime soon, Paul Baraka continues to be an influential figure within the global music community - pushing boundaries with each new creation he produces! He is sure to leave a lasting mark on the industry for many years to come.