Paul's music brings the movies to life. His scores are always original and fit the mood of the scene perfectly. He has worked on a variety of different films, from dramas to comedies.

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    Based on one of the most compelling indigenous legends of all time, SEDNA, EMPRESS OF THE SEA is the story of a courageous young Inuit girl, who is kidnapped by an evil raven, escapes by kayak only to end up at the bottom of the ocean where she becomes the ruler of the sea. Inspired by a story the Directors grandmother told him as a young boy, the film uses a light-hearted musical as a vessel to introduce children to the concept of residential schools and their impact on indigenous people.

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    In 1896, the newly formed Department of Indian and Northern Affairs began removing young indigenous children from their families and taking them south to residential schools where they were subjected to severe physical, sexual and emotional abuse by those entrusted to care for them. The result was the near complete decimation of the health and welfare of generations of indigenous children and perhaps the beginning of the end of the indigenous way of life.


    The children of these “Lost Generations” would spend the rest of their lives struggling to cope with the emotional and physical trauma inflicted upon them, to relearning their languages and cultures, to reconnecting with friends and family and to redefining their place within their community and the world at large.


    Many would win this struggle, most would not.

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    The adventures of sassy, outspoken box turtles Rafi and Hank and their friend, a gruff snapping turtle named Goliath. After vandals break into a nature park and kidnap Hank, it's up to Rafi and Goliath to track down their missing friend.

  • Preview of Senda, Empress Of The Sea

    The film Senda has been a long time in production, and it's finally ready for release. I was responsible for the Musical Score, Songs and Sound Design as well as Visual Effects work on this project!