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    As a composer, I have always been interested in creating music that is both innovative and entertaining. My goal is to push the boundaries of what is possible with sound, while still maintaining a sense of fun and playfulness. As a sound designer, I strive to create unique sonic worlds that immerse the listener in a new and exciting experience. Whether it's creating the perfect ambiance for a game or film, or designing an original soundtrack, I am always looking for new ways to enhance the audio environment. My hope is that my work will bring joy to those who hear it, and that it will inspire others to explore the possibilities of sound. Thank you for taking the time to listen.

    Sedna, Empress of The Sea (In production) 2022

    Musical Animated Feature Film

    Role: Composer, Sound Design, Editing, SFX and VFX.



    from the soundtrack of SEDNA, EMPRESS OF THE SEA

     DREAMCATCHERS (Season 2 in production) 

    Animated Series

    (Season 1: 26 Episodes x 11 Minutes in 3 languages.)


    Role: Music, sound design, mix, voice coach, and Tee Pee's voice.

    Tee Pee Time

    Animated Series

    76 Episodes x 11 Minutes in 3 languages.


    Role: Music, sound design, mix, voice coach, and Tee Pee's voice.

    Stories of Our Elders

    Animated Series

    26 Episodes x 7 Minutes.


    Role: Music, sound design, mix and french voice artist, AfterEffects treatment.

    The Deerskins

    Animated Series

    26 Episodes x 22 Minutes in 3 languages.


    Role: Music, sound design, mix, voice coach.

    The Guardians


    Role: Music, SFX, VFX.



    Role: Composer and Music Editor

    Cambodia Airways

    International Promotional Campaign

    Music theme for Cambodia Airways

    Bob Morane

    Animated Series

    Role: Opening Theme

    Dubai Burj Khalifa


    Role: Composing of Epic Elevator Music.

    World Heritage

    TV Series

    Role: Music, sound, graphic design, producer.

    Royer Files

    Short film series

    Role: Music, sound, video editing, graphic design and director.

    Town of Bromont

    Corporate Video

    Role: Music, sound, video editing, graphic design.


    I am grateful to have received such recognition for my work and I continue to strive for excellence in my craft.

    2022 is a big year for me, professionally. I won many awards for my work in music composition, sound design, and for my soundtracks. Here is a list of the awards I won: Best Music Composition, Best Soundtrack, Best Sound Design. Each award is special to me, and I am grateful to have been recognized by my peers.


    Sedna, Empress of the Sea (Paul Baraka, Canada)

    Best Sound Design

    Best Sound Design
    Sedna, Empress of the Sea (Paul Baraka, Canada)


    Sedna, Empress of the Sea (Paul Baraka, Canada)


    Sedna, Empress of The Sea

    Best SOUND

    Best Sound Design for "The Guardians"

    Best Sound Design

    Best Sound Design
    Sedna, Empress of the Sea (Paul Baraka, Canada)

    Best Composer

    Best Soundtrack for "The Guardians"

    Category Winner of the Year 

    Asides the LIT Winner of the Year, the best of each available category were also chosen as the Category Winners of the Year, LIT Film – Sedna, Empress of the Sea.

    Best Sound Design

    Paul Baraka

    The Guardians

    Best Composer

    Global Music Awards
    Silver Medal Outstanding Achievement
    Paul Baraka
    Sedna, Empress Of The Sea, Original Score

    Best Original Song

    JerryCo Animation
    Paul Baraka & Jerry Thevenet
    Best Original Song
    Sedna, Empress of The Sea

    Best Musical

    JerryCo Animation
    Paul Baraka & Jerry Thevenet
    LIT Film - Best Musical
    Sedna, Empress of The Sea

    Best Song

    Paul Baraka
    LIT Film - Best Original Song
    Sedna, Empress of The Sea
    Song: Where Are You Hiding?

    Best Sound Design

    Paul Baraka
    LIT Film - Best Sound Design
    Sedna, Empress of The Sea

    Best Original Score

    Paul Baraka
    LIT Film - Best Original Music
    Sedna, Empress of The Sea

    Best Composer

    Paul Baraka
    LIT Film - Best Composer
    Sedna, Empress of The Sea

    Best Composer

    Prix Opus - OktoEcho – Nomination for Best Jazz/World Album

    Best Composer

    2009 - Folk Music Awards - OktoEcho - Nomination for Best Instrumental Album

    Best Composer

    Best Original Music For a Drama Series: Bob Morane

    Best Composer

    Best SoundTrack Bob Morane

  • Additional Awards

    I am so honoured to have also been recognized for my graphic design talents. I know I am a composer and sound designer but also do graphics work sometimes for my notable clients like Minda Communications, and it is great to see that my skills are being appreciated. Thank you to everyone who nominated me at Minda Communications!


    Paul Baraka has been awarded the silver medal for best logo design by the prestigious MUSE AWARDS for his work on the WorldBridge Group Logo. This is a huge accomplishment and a testament to the quality of work that Paul puts into every project. The other MUSE award winners include some of the biggest names in the business, such as Disney, Warner Brothers, and Billie Eilish.


    When asked about the award, Paul had this to say: "I'm absolutely thrilled to have won the Silver award for best logo design! It's a great honour to be recognized among some of the best in the business. I put a lot of thought and care into every project I work on, and it's great to see that effort recognized."








    The Dreamcatcher won "Best Original Music" Paul Baraka is a musical and sound genius. His work on the Dreamcatchers soundtrack has earned him widespread acclaim, and it's easy to see why. Paul's music is the perfect complement to the show, enhancing the mood and setting the scene for each episode. It's clear that Paul puts a lot of thought and passion into his work, and it really shows. The Dreamcatchers soundtrack is truly one of a kind, and Paul Baraka is rightfully the mastermind behind it all.

  • Excerpts of my work on The Dreamcatchers

    Music is a powerful tool that can convey emotion, whether it be joy or sadness. I used this concept in my score for the animated series "The Dreamcatchers."
    There are many ways you could go about scoring an episode of any given show, but when working on these types of projects, oftentimes there isn't much direction as to what should sound like, so they let our imagination run wild with ideas - which makes things exciting!

    Except of DC EP15

    In this episode, I had to compose music that changes styles from rock and roll (in the style of) and Polka. The timing was really tight; there are already animations locked so you can't slip up! Also did all the sound design and mix
  • Rise Of the Hero

    When the battle is almost over and you think you are losing your power the hero within you will rise.

    Epic track composed and produced by Paul Baraka.

  • About



    I was drawn to compose and perform music some 25 years ago. Sound effects and mixing were added to the repertoire along the way, as was voice coaching for animation work that included the musical composition of over 150 original songs in multiple languages.


    I have more than 300 projects under my belt, and new challenges beckon me still. My passion is driven by forces that defy description and explanation. I have often said that music is like math; you don’t create it, you discover it.


    I am dyslexic. Yet, I pore over scientific and historical materials that feed my hunger for knowledge. Musical notation is foreign to me. Yet, I mastered the piano as a teenager, and I create music that will stir your soul. I’ve heard all the labels: show-off, weirdo, genius. Several years ago, I was mentored by a musicologist from the Sorbonne in Paris. He encouraged me to defy convention and to make my own way. I haven’t looked back.


    I have composed music for television, documentary films, advertising, performers, live shows and more. I have been nominated for many awards.

    These awards are for my work in music, sound design and even visual design. I have been working in the music and sound industry for over 25 years and have gained a lot of experience and knowledge in that time. I am very passionate about what I do, and I believe that this comes through in my work. I am always striving to create the best possible audio experiences for my clients and their audiences. I am very proud of the awards that I have won, and I believe they are a testament to the high quality of my work. I look forward to continuing to make great music and sound design in the future!


    I am a proud geek. I keep abreast of audio and visual technologies, and I have been known to influence their design. As much as they may inform my art, they exist to serve it, not to define it. “Gesamtkunstwerk” is the German word for “total work of art.” This is what I embrace in almost every project I take on.


    My world is one where ideas become reality via teamwork and via the gifts that I am privileged to have. These gifts and the creation they bring forth may be unstructured and unbounded, but a deadline is a deadline. I am there for you at every turn. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Animation Series
    The Dreamcatchers 26x22 minutes
    (Music composer, Sound Design, Mixer, Voice coordinator)
    “Dreamcatchers” follows a group of Indigenous tweens who use their superpowers to battle evil corporations that are threatening their traditional way of life. The superheroes rely on their wit, humour and physical attributes to outsmart their nemeses. (Mohawk, English and French)
    Tee Pee Time 76 x 11 minutes avec 76 chansons original
    (Music composer, Sound Design, Mixer, Voice coordinator and voice talent of the main character)
    Teepee Time is a light-hearted, animated pre-school series about a curious little tipi discovering the meaning of life one new adventure at a time (Mi'kmaq, English and French)
    The Deerskins 26x22 minutes (Mohawk, English and French)
    Roll (Music composer, Sound Design, Mixer, Voice coordinator, sound engineer and additional character voices)
    Louis Says 48x11 minutes
    Roll (Music composer, Sound Design, Mixer)
    Louis Says follows the adventures of 6-year-old boy Randy as he helps Louis, an elder, with his work around the community while learning new words in Cree. (English and Cree)
    Stories of Our Elders 28 x 5 minutes
    (Music composer, Sound Design, Mixer and narrator in French)
    For thousands of years, they guided us through this world, teaching us invaluable lessons about life and death. They strengthened our resolve and reinforced our connection to this land, to each other, and to the animals we share it with. They enriched our souls, empowered our imaginations, and defined who we are as a people. These are the stories of our elders. (Inuktitut, English, French)
    Bizou 36x22 minutes avec 36 Original chansons original
    Roll (Music composer, Sound Design, Mixer, Voice coordinator, sound engineer and additional character voices)
    Animated preschool television series. It teaches children about animals and Aboriginal life through the eyes of an Aboriginal princess named Bizou. Bizou is produced by Jerry Co Animation and 9 Story Entertainment and distributed by Picture Box Distribution. It is shown on Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (aptn) in Canada, First Nations Experience (FNX) in the United States, And Cartoon Network In The United Kingdom And Ireland. (CREE, English and French)
    This Is Turtle Island (13 Episodes)
    This Is Turtle Island is a Canadian children's tv show about the environment and First Nations culture hosted by Andy and Chuck Clement.
    Bob Morane
    (Composed Musical Theme)
    Bob Morane is an animated series, based on the fictional French superspy Bob Morane
    Little Buggers (Pilot)
    Gordon’s World (Pilot)
    The Greenies (Pilot)
    Cosmozoo (Pilot)
    Heroine (in production)
    Sedna, Empress of the Sea, 82 Minutes
    Turtle Tale (Lions Gate) 87Minutes
    Short Film
    The Guardians
    The Walk
    The Hermitian Penny
    Documentary features
    You Are What You Act
    Documentary TV
    Le chemin des étoiles (Chemin de Compostelle)
    World Heritage
    A season with: Stewart Marshall Painter
    Gilles Julien, l'art de la pédiatrie
    Ghislain Picard, innu
    Louis Garneau en équilibre
    Hugo Girard, homme fort du Québec
    Alain Choquette
    TV Series
    Smoke Signal (Pilot)
    Cambodia Airways
    Germain Larivière
    Société Des Alcools,
    Maison Aube Lumière
    Hello Health
    Dubai Burj Khalifa to the Top
    Video Games
    Tee Pee Toc
    Forestia (CREO)
    Putois (CREO)
    Ekomini (CREO)
    Multi-sensory interactive attractions in China designed by Triotech
    Lucie Vondrackova, Růže
    Mario Pelchat - Noel avec Jireh Gospel Choir
    OktoEcho (Eponymous album)
    OktoEcho "At the top" - Burj Khalifa
    OktoEcho La 5e route bleue
    Stage Lacroix – Fêtes
    Paul Baraka: Biofear
    Paul Baraka: Elyxium
    Paul Baraka: Le Chemin de Compostelle
    Paul Baraka: Music for the Imaginary
  • Roman Metal

    Worlds collide in the past guiding us to the future. Another epic track composed and produced by Paul Baraka

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  • Dreams For Robots

    The sound of the Singularity. While the Robot is charging up something strange happens: consciousness, life, mystery. The Robot is having his first dream. Yeah, you guessed it: composed and produced by Paul Baraka.

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