• Projects

    Sneak peek of some examples of my work.​



    Role: Composer and Music Editor

    Bob Morane

    Animated Series

    Role: Opening Theme

    Cambodia Airways

    International Promotional Campaign

    Music theme for Cambodia Airways

    Dubai Burj Khalifa


    Role: Composing of Epic Elevator Music.

    World Heritage

    TV Series

    Role: Music, sound, graphic design, producer.

    Royer Files

    Short film series

    Role: Music, sound, video editing, graphic design and director.

    Town of Bromont

    Corporate Video

    Role: Music, sound, video editing, graphic design.

    The Deerskins

    Animated Series

    26 Episodes x 22 Minutes in 3 languages.


    Role: Music, sound design, mix, voice coach.

    Stories of Our Elders

    Animated Series

    26 Episodes x 7 Minutes.


    Role: Music, sound design, mix and french voice artist, AfterEffects treatment.

    Tee Pee Time

    Animated Series

    26 Episodes x 11 Minutes in 3 languages.


    Role: Music, sound design, mix, voice coach, and Tee Pee's voice.

  • Rise Of the Hero

    When the battle is almost over and you think you are losing your power the hero within you will rise.

    Epic track composed and produced by Paul Baraka.

  • About

    Welcome! ¡Bienvenido! Benvingut! Welkom! Bienvenue! Willkommen! Bem-vindo! Καλώς ορίσατε! Benvenuto!

    (Beginning of production)

    I was drawn to compose and to perform music some 30 years ago. Sound effects and mixing were added to the repertoire along the way, as was voice coaching for animation work that included the musical composition of over 100 original songs in multiple languages.


    I have more than 250 projects under my belt and new challenges beckon me still. My passion is driven by forces that defy description and explanation. I have often said that music is like math; you don’t create it, you discover it.


    I am dyslexic. Yet, I pore over scientific and historical materials that feed my hunger for knowledge. Musical notation is foreign to me. Yet, I mastered the piano as a teenager and I create music that will stir your soul. I’ve heard all the labels: show-off, weirdo, genius. Several years ago, I was mentored by a musicologist from the Sorbonne in Paris. He encouraged me to defy convention and to make my own way. I haven’t looked back.


    (During production)

    I have composed music for television, documentary films, advertising, performers, live shows and more. I have been nominated for “Gemini” and “Prix Gémeaux” awards in Canada. I am a proud geek. I keep abreast of audio and visual technologies and I have been known to influence their design. As much as they may inform my art, they exist to serve it; not to define it. “Gesamtkunstwerk” is the German word for “total work of art.” This is what I embrace in most every project I take on.


    My world is one where ideas become reality via teamwork and via the gifts that I am privileged to have. These gifts and the creation they bring forth may be unstructured and unbounded, but a deadline is a deadline. I am there for you at every turn. I look forward to hearing from you.

  • Roman Metal

    Worlds collide in the past guiding us to the future. Another epic track composed and produced by Paul Baraka

  • Clients

    Sample list of companies I have the privilege and pleasure to collaborate with.

    and more than 250 productions

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  • Dreams For Robots

    The sound of the Singularity. While the Robot is charging up something strange happens: consciousness, life, mystery. The Robot is having his first dream. Yeah, you guessed it: composed and produced by Paul Baraka.

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    425-4030 Rue Saint-Ambroise, Montréal, Québec, Canada, H4C 2E1